How To Heal Your Heart With Crystals

Crystal healing has been a popular way of healing and dealing with heartache, There are a variety of crystals that can help you to cope with heartache and deal with a broken heart. One of the girls I spoke to at a agency near me in London, told me that she has always turned to crystals. Is she the only girl at my agency who believe in the power of crystals? Crystal healing is popular with like Maybe you should try it for yourself.


As we all know heartbreak is a painful experience. It can plaque you for a short period of time or follow you through your entire life. Is it difficult to find the right crystal for you? According to it is not. You need to take into account your own personal circumstances. Once you have found your own personal crystal, simply place it over your heart. Favorite Crystals For Heartache


So, what crystals do recommend for heartache:


Lavender Jade


This is one of the most beautiful crystals that you can will ever come across. It looks almost soapy. Lavender Jade comes in two different types; Jadeite and Nephrite. Both types look very different.


Jadeite looks translucent and Nephrite appears as creamy. While both varieties have their own unique properties. Both aid people who have been hurt in love and dissolves the pain associated with heartache.


Obsidian may not look like a lover’s crystal but it certainly is the right crystal for you if you have a lot of painful memories associated with love. The two different types – Apache Tears and Rainbow Obsidian – have long been associated with love and remain popular with crystal healers all over the world. They can help to cut the cords of the hold that an old love has over you.


Kunzite is a crystal that is easy to get confused with rose quartz. They look surprisingly similar, but from what I understand from their functions are different. Kunzite will help you to find the way through emotional debris of past relationships. This makes it the perfect crystal to use when you want to heal your heart.


Agate is another crystal. It is the member of the Agate family. It may look a bit waxy and has some qualities that will respond to moon light. How does it help you if you have a broken heart? According to, it overcomes bitterness and inner anger.

Which one is right for you? If you are not sure, the next time you come to London you may just want to take a girl from crystal shopping and she will give you the right heart advice. Finding the right crystal for you is not easy, and are more than happy to make it easier for you.


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