Having a good time sometimes

Sometimes it is good to put a point to debate, and I have always wondered if sex becomes boring as we become adults. It shouldn’t really as we should learn to enjoy it more, but many adults complain about boring sex lives. My personal sex life is probably better now than it was when I was younger. When I worked for London escorts agency, I did not really have time to have a lot of boyfriends hence less sex. Now, when I am home looking after my daughter, I always feel that I am more refreshed for my husband. I meet at the door and it all start from there. Yes, I do have more time for better love and sex than I did working for London escorts.

Speaking to younger and current London escorts, they always presume that older people have boring sex lives. I don’t think that is true at all. As we get older we learn how to feel more liberated about sex and that helps a lot. We learn how to make love to each other and appreciates each other feelings when it comes to sex. Like I said to some of my younger London escorts friends, it is all about taking your time in bed and that really helps.

I enjoy making love to my husband and I know that many ladies my age feel the same way. Some of the girls who work for London escorts may not appreciate that, but I think it is true many senior couples. You may do it less often but you do it with a lot more care. That makes the entire sexual experience more satisfying, and I wish that younger London escorts would see that somehow. It might be difficult to appreciate that people with slightly grey hair like to have sex as well.

Keeping yourself healthy helps a lot as well. If you feel healthy, you have a lot more energy and that leads to better sex. Younger people have more energy naturally, but someone like me, coming up to 50, might need a vitamin B supplement for some extra energy. However, like I said to my younger friends from London escorts that does not mean that we don’t enjoy doing it. I am sure that most London escorts appreciate that their sex lives will change as they get older. Everything changes as you get older and a lot changes for the better.

Should we be so concerned about our sex lives? Maybe we should just learn to be more natural about sex. I think that would make a lot better. Some of the girls I know at London escorts really dress up sexy when they go out to party. That is nice, but are they pulling the right guys. After all, it all depends what you are looking for but sexy dressing may not make for great sex. These are things you learn as you get older and you realize what great sex can really mean to you.

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